Special Award SCDJ Award Contribution Award SCDJ Award for
Young Scientists
Poster Award Oral Award Scientific Inquiry Award

SCDJ Award


De-Qi Yuan (Kobe Gakuin University)

"Study on the syntheses, structures, and functions of finely modified cyclodextrins"

Toshiyuki Kida (Osaka University)

"Studies on the Function of Cyclodextrin Derivatives and Assemblies in Organic Media"


Tetsuo Kuwabara (University of Yamanashi)

"Study on Modification and Creation of Dye Functions Using Cyclodextrins"


Keiko Takahashi (Tokyo Polytechnic University)

"Study on Structures, Inclusion Complex Formation Abilities, Properties and Applications of γ-Cyclodextrins Using NMR Analysis"


Hidetoshi Arima (Kumamoto University)

"Design and Evaluation of Cyclodextrin-based Integrated Drug Delivery System and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients"

Tsukasa Ikeda (Utsunomiya University)

"Inhibitory Effect on Quorum Sensing in Gram-negative Bacteria by Cyclodxtrins"


Kohzo Ito (The University of Tokyo)

"Development and Application of Polymeric Materials Using Cyclodextrin"


Takashi Hayashita (Sophia University)

"Developmrnt of Supramolecular Analytical Reagents Using Nanospace Inclusion Field Created by Cyclodextrins"


Toshiko Tanimoto (Mukogawa Women's University)

"Efficient Syntheses of Branched Cyclomalto-Oligosaccharides Having Suger and Study of Their Functions"


Keiji Terao (CycloChem)

"Chemical and Biological Property Modifications of Nutraceuticals and Cosmeceuticals by Cyclodextrin"


Keiji Yamamoto (Chiba University)

"Study on Molecular Interaction between Drug and Cyclodextrin in Solid State"


Sanyo Hamai (Akita University)

"Inclusion Modes of Multi-Component Inclusion Complexes of Cyclodextrins"


Fumio Hamada (Akita University)

"Studies of Modified Cyclodextrins Showing Functions such as Arrificial Chaperons, DNA Intercalators and Fluorescene Probes in Biological Systems"


Kazuaki Hatata (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)

"Structural Study of Cyclodextrin Supramolecular Compounds"


Sadao Takagi (Kinki University)

"Studies on Thermodynamic Functions of Molecular Recognition by Alcohol-Cyclodextrin Complex Formation"

Fumitoshi Hirayama (Sojo University)

"Design and Evaluation of Cyclodextrin Derivatives as Novel Drug Carriers for Release Control"


Noriaki Funasaki (Kyoto Pharmaceutical University)

"Analyses and Applications of Binding Constants Based on Detailed Solution Structures of Cyclodextrin Complexes"


Haruhisa Ueda (Hoshi University)

"Study on Structures, Physicochemical Properties and Inclusion Complex Formation Abilities of Large-Ring Cyclodextrins"


Koji Kano (Doshisya University)

"Studies on Chiral Recognition and Related Inclusion Phenomena"

Akira Harada (Osaka University)

"Construction and Functions of Supramolecular Architectures by Cyclodextrin"


Makoto Komiyama (The University of Tokyo)

"Formation of Artificial Enzymes Using Cyclodextrin and Their Applications"


Kenjiro Hattori (Tokyo Institute of Polytechnics)

"Synthesis and Evaluation of Modified Cyclodextrins for the Pharmacutical and Environmental Application"


Akihiko Ueno (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

"Construction of Novel Functional Systems by Modification of Cyclodextrins"

Kahee Fujita (Nagasaki University)

"Preparation, Structure and Function of Non-Glucose Oligosaccharides"


Kaneto Uekama (Kumamoto University)

"Design and Evaluation of Cyclodextrin-Based High-Performance Drug Release System"

Yoshihisa Matsui (Shimane University)

"Studies on Intermolecular Forces Contributing to the Complexation of Cyclodextrins and Their Derivatives"


Fujio Toda (Emeritus Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology)

"Studies on Chemical Simulation of Bio-Functions Using Modified Cyclodextrins"

Tetsuo Osa (Emeritus Professor, Tohoku University)

"Roles and Functions of Cyclodextrins in Electrochemistry"


Kyoko Koizumi (Mukogawa Women's University)

"Studies on Separation and Analysis of Cyclodextrins"

Hidefumi Hirai (Emeritus Professor, The University of Tokyo)

"Application of Cyclodextrins to Selective Organic Syntheses"


Tsuneji Nagai (Emeritus Professor, Hoshi University)

"Pharmaceutical Application of Cyclodextrins"

Hitoshi Hashimoto (Bio Research Corporation of Yokohama)

"Studies on Industrial Production and Practical Applications of Branched Cyclodextrins"