About the award

    The SCDJ Oral Award is to recognize students who made excellent oral presentations in the cyclodextrin symposium.

2021 (37th Cyclodextrin Symposium)

Kenichiro Honda (Osaka University)

"Synthesis of 6-O-Alkylated β-Cyclodextrin Dimers Bearing Multiple Linkers and Evaluation of their Inclusion Ability towards Long-chain Fatty Acid Esters"

Haruki Kazumi (The University of Tokyo)

"Forming Mechanism of Supramolecular Nanosheet Consisting of α-CD and Polyethylene Glycol"

Ryohei Ikura (Osaka University))

"Functional Design of Polymeric Materials Using Movable Cross-Links and their Mechanical Properties"

2019 (36th Cyclodextrin Symposium)

Shuntaro Uenuma (The University of Tokyo)

"Formation of Well-Defined Microstructure of CD Guided by Guest Polymer Structure"

Takara Hagimori (Kwansei Gakuin University)

"Synthesis of Cyclic Trimer and Tetramer of α-1-4-D-Glucopyranoside"

2018 (35th Cyclodextrin Symposium)

Shuntaro Uenuma (The University of Tokyo)

"Fabrication of Self-assembling Polyrotaxane Nanosheet"

2017 (34th Cyclodextrin Symposium)

Atsuki Nakagami (Doshisha University)

"Observation of Supramolecular Chemistry in the Living Cells Using Cell-penetrating Cyclodextrin"

Suguru Nomimura (Osaka University)

"Preparation and Physical Properties of Supramolecular Elastomers Cross-linked by Inclusion Complex"

Sayaka Sonoda (Osaka University)

"Creation and Shape Control of Helical Rods Composed of Cyclodextrin"