About the award

    The SCDJ Poster Award is to recognise young scientists who are under 40 years of age and made excellent poster presentations in the cyclodextrin symposium.
    (less than 3 students and less than 2 scientists)

2022 (38th Cyclodextrin Symposium)

Minaka Sugano (The University of Tokyo)

"Protein modification of pseudo-polyrotaxane nanosheets using click chemistry"

Kouta Suzuki (Saitama University)

"Synthesis of β-cyclodextrin dimers having naphthalene linker and their inclusion ability"

Kohei Nishioki (Toyama University)

"Syntheses and photophysical properties of near-infrared light emitting rotaxane consisting of cyclodextrin and cucurbit[6]uri"

Shizuho Nishimura (Kobe Gakuin University)

"Vector-selective reaction on the primary side of β-cyclodextrinl"

Qiyue Mao (Doshisha University)

"Molecular T-shirt: characteristic inclusion behavior of PEGylated tetraarylporphyrin with methylated cyclodextrin dimer"

2021 (37th Cyclodextrin Symposium)

Fumiya Kitaguchi (Doshisha University)

"Construction of Cytochrome c Oxidase Model Complex Using Cyclodextrin Dimer Having a Copper Complex with a Water-Soluble Strapped Porphyrin with a Pyridine Ligand"

Yumi Shikano (The University of Tokyo)

"Crosslinking of Pseudo-Polyrotaxane Nanosheet and its Characterization"

Justine Kalaw (Osaka University)

"Preparation and Applications of Highly Regulated Supramolecular Assembly of 2-O-Methylated Cyclodextrins"

Shintaro Yamada (Osaka University)

"Modulation of Circularly Polarized Luminescence Properties by Utilizing Molecular Recognition Ability of Cyclodextrin Derivatives"

2019 (36th Cyclodextrin Symposium)

Yoshinori Arisaka (Tokyo Medical and Dental University)

"Design of Sulfonated Polyrotaxane-Surfaces for Modulating Subcellular Localization of Mechanosensing Molecules"

Shigesaburo Ogawa(Seikei University)

"Cyclodextrin Assisted Molecular Assembly of Boron Difluoride Diketonate Complexes in Aqueous Media"

Chisato Kasahara (Sophia University)

"Structure Effect of Fluorescent Probes/Cyclodextrin Complex for Saccharide Recognition in Water"

2015 (32th Cyclodextrin Symposium)

Keisuke Yoshimura (Kumamoto University)

"Electrochemical Signal Amplification for DNA Detection in Homogeneous Solution"

Tatsunori Hirotsu (Kumamoto University)

"Cyclodextrin-based Self-assembly PEGylation Technique Retaining Activity of Protein Drugs"

Ayumu Ohyama (Kumamoto University)

"Potential Use of Folate-PEG-appended Dendrimer (G4) Conjugate with alpha-Cyclodextrin as a Tumor-targeting siRNA Carrier"

Naoki Ishiguro (Sophia University)

"The Electrochemical Molecular Recognition Using a beta-Cyclodextrin Assembled on the Gold Electrode"

Ko Sugita (Sophia University)

"Design and Function of Fluorinated Boronic Acid Fluorophore/Cyclodextrin Complex for Selective Sugar Recognition"

2014 (31th Cyclodextrin Symposium)

Chizuru Kogame (Osaka University)

"Molecular Recognition by Cyclodextrin Dimers in Organic Solvents"

Marina Ogawa (Chiba University)

"Incorporation of Salicylic Acid into PEG/alpha-CD-PPRX by Co-grinding and Subsequent Heating"

Masatoshi Taniyoshi (Kumamoto University)

"Potential Use of Folate-appended beta-Cyclodextrins as Tumor-selective Antitumor Drug Carriers "

Nao Tanaka (Kumamoto University)

"Involvement of Autophagy in Antitumor Activity of Folate-appended Methyl-beta-cyclodextrin"

Taiji Yamada (Sophia University)

"Development of Selective Sugar Adsorption Gels Based on Phenylboronic Acid Azoprobe/Cyclodextrin Complexes"

Tomohiro Seki (Josai University)

"A Polypseudorotaxane Modified with a Sensor Group that Directly Binds Sugar and its Sugar Responsive PEG release "

2013 (30th Cyclodextrin Symposium)

Youichi Tsuchiya (ISIT)

"Crystal Structures and Optical Properties of Dye Inclusion Single Crystals between Cyclodextrins and Porphyrins"

Tomohiro Seki (Josai University)

"Preparation of a Single-stranded Polypsudorotaxane Using a Phenylboronic Acid Modified gamma-Cyclodextrin and its sugar Responsive Release of PEG Chain"

Toshifumi Inishi (Hoshi University)

"Enhanced Skin Delivery of Resveratrol by Complexation with Cyclodextrin Derivatives"

Yuta Tanaka (Kumamoto University)

"Safety Evaluation of 2-Hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin in Niemann-Pick type C Disease Models"

Atsushi Tamura (Tokyo Medical and Dental University)

"Supramolecular Nanomedicine Showing Intracellular Release of Cyclodextrins for Ameliorating Lysosome Storage Diseases"

Ryosuke Mitsuyasu (Kumamoto University)

"Preparation and Evaluation of Mannosyloxypropylthiopropionylated Dendrimer/alpha-Cyclodextrin Conjugate as a Novel Antigen-presenting Cell-selective siRNA Carrier"

2012 (29th Cyclodextrin Symposium)

Takahiro Kakuta (Osaka University)

"Formation of Hydrogel using Supramolecular Cross-link and Self-healing Propaties"

Mitsuyo Hamada (Osaka University)

"Inclusion of Long-Chain Fatty Acid Esters in Nonpolar Media by Cyclodextrin Derivatives"

Hiroaki Kitagishi (Doshisha University)

"Effect of Cyclodextrin Encapsulation on the Cellular Uptake of Octaarginine-Conjugated Porphyrins"

Sachie Namiki (Chiba University)

"Incorporation of Piroxicam into PEG/γ-CD-Polypsudorotaxane by Co-grinding"

2011 (28th Cyclodextrin Symposium)

Shinichiro Sato (Osaka University)

"Creation of Novel Hollow Materials via Formation of Thin Films onto the Surface of Cyclodextrin Structures"

Hiroshi Masai (Kyoto University)

"Synthesis of Linear Bridging Ligand Insulated by Permethylated Cyclodextrins and Its Application toward Coordination Polymer"

Yugo Maruyama (Sophia University)

"Electrochemical Molecule Recognition by the Use of Cyclodextrin Assembled on the Gold Electrode"

Shou Nemoto (Akita University)

"Double Strand DNA Discrimination by Di-pyrene Modified Cyclodextrins"

2010 (27th Cyclodextrin Symposium)

Takashi Miura (Osaka University)

"Recognition of the Stereoregularity of poly(methacrylic axid)s with Cyclodextrins"

Haruka Warata (Chiba University)

"Effect of Structural Change of Drug/(PRG/gamma-CD-polypseudorotaxane) Complexes on Drug Molecular States"

Azumi Kobayashi (Utsunomiya University)

"Structural Control of Cyclodextrin-Immobilized Gel due to the Phase Separation and Its Inhibitory Effects for Quorum Sensing"

Takuya Imai (Utsunomiya University)

"Inhibition of Quorum Sensing in Gram-Negative Bacteria by Amino Acid-Modified Cyclodextrins"

Yoshinori Takashima (Osaka University)

"Molecular Hula-Hoop-Observation of Rotary Movement of Rotaxane by Fluorescence Microscopy"

Masaaki Hiratsuka (Kumamoto University)

"Hydrophilic C60/2-Hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin Nanoparticles Effectively Generate Reactive Oxygen Species"

2009 (26th Cyclodextrin Symposium)

The Best Award
Jun Terao (Kyoto University)

"Synthesis of Covered Molecular Wire Having High Organic Solubilty, Rigidity, Intra-molecular Charge Carrier Mobility, and Fluorescence Quantum Yield"

Daisuke Taura (Osaka University)

"Macromolecular Recognition of beta-Cycloextrin: Inversion of Selectivity toward Adamantyl Side Chains"

Satoshi Fujie (Kinki University)

"Enthalpy and Entropy Changes on Molecular Inclusion of Halogenated Butane and Pentane Derivatives into alpha-Cycloextrin Cavity in Aqueous Solution"

2007 (25th Cyclodextrin Symposium)

Wei Deng (Osaka University)

"Chemical-Responsive Supramolecular Hydrogel Formation Based on Self-Assembly of Modified Cyclodextrin"

Motofumi Osaki (Osaka University)

"Ring-Oprning Polymerization of Lactones and Lactides Initiated by Cyclodextrins: Effects of Cyclodextrins in the Polymerization"

Shota Nakagawa (Utsunomiya University)

"Control of the Intracellular Signaling in Bacteria with Cyclodextrin Immobilized Hydrogel"