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Young Scientists
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SCDJ Award for Young Scientists


Hajime Shigemitsu (Osaka University)

"Development of bright circularly polarized luminescent molecules based on cyclodextrins"


Yoshinori Arisaka (Tokyo Medical and Dental University)

"Cyclodextrin-Based Supramolecular Biointerfaces for Regulating Cellular Responses"

Risako Onodera (Kumamoto University)

"Development of Therapeutics for Intractable Diseases Using Cyclodextrin Derivatives as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients"


Shoji Fujiwara (Kanagawa University)

"Development of Cyclodextrin Chemical Sensor with Advanced Molecular Recognition"

Hiroshi Masai (The University of Tokyo)

"Concerted Functionalities between Rotaxane Structures with Methylated Cyclodextrins and d-π Systems in Organometallic Compounds"


Atsushi Tamura (Tokyo Medical and Dental University)

"Studies on Pharmaceutical Applications of Cyclodextrin-Containing Polyrotaxanes"


Noriko Ogawa (Aichi Gakuin University)

"Evaluation of Intermolecular Interaction between Poorly Water Soluble Drug Free Form and Cyclodextrins for Pharmaceutical Formulation"


Kazuaki Kato (The University of Tokyo)

"Development of Polyrotaxane Materials Based on Cyclodextrins"


Daisuke Iohara (Sojo University)

"Formation of Hydrophilic Fullerene Nanoparticles by Using Cyclodextrins: Their Photosensitizing and Antioxidant Activity"

Taishi Higashi (Kumamoto University)

"Improvement of Pharmaceutical Properties of Protein Drugs Utilizing Cyclodextrin Supramolecules"


Naoko Ikuta (Kobe University)

"Studies on R(+)-α-Lipoic Acid-Cyclodextrin Complex and Its Applications"

Yuya Egawa (Josai University)

"Sugar-responsive Supramolecular Structures Using Boronic Acid-modified Cyclodextrins for Insulin Delivery Systems"


Kenjirou Higashi (Chiba University)

"Design of Novel Complexes Using Intermolecular Spaces between Cyclodextrins"


Koki Wada (Nihon Shokuhin Kako Co., Ltd.)

"Development of Pharmaceutical Grade 2-Hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin and Establishment of its Determination Method in Biological Samples"


Keiichi Motoyama (Kumamoto University)

"Potential Use of Methylated Cyclodextrin Derivatives as Therapeutic Agents for Endotoxin Shock and Cancers"


Hiroaki Kitagishi (Doshisha University)

"Methylated Cyclodextrin-Porphyrin Supramolecular Complexes as Hemoprotein Functional Models"

Yoshinori Takashima (Osaka University)

"Structural Control and Creation of Function by Using Supramolecular Complexes Based on Modified Cyclodextrins"


Jun Terao (Kyoto University)

"Syntheses of Permethylated CD-Based Polyrotaxanes and Its Application to Molecular Electronics"

Daisuke Tanaka (CycloChem Co., Ltd.)

"Characteristic Improvements of Coenzyme Q10 by Use of gamma-Cyclodextrin"


Hiroyasu Yamaguchi (Osaka University)

"Dynamic Control and Functionalization of Supramolecular Complexes Based on Cyclodextrins"


Jun Sumaoka (The University of Tokyo)

"Molecular Recognition of Nano-scale Guest by Molecularly Imprinted Cyclodextrin Polymer in Water"

Akihito Hashidzume (Osaka University)

"Studies on the Interaction between Polymer Side Chain and Cyclodextrins"


Toshiyuki Kida (Osaka University)

"Studies on Construction and Inclusion Ability of Novel Sugar Host Molecules by Modification of Cyclodextrin Skeleton"


Tetsuo Kuwabara (University of Yamanashi)

"Study on Modified Cyclodextrins as Molecule-responsive Color Change and Formation of Supramolecular Entities"

Yuichi Tozuka (Gifu Pharmaceutical University)

"Nanoparticle Formation of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients by Co-grinding with Cyclodextrins"


Iwao Suzuki (Tohoku University)

"Higher-order Functionalization of Cyclodextrins: Improvement of molecular Recognition Ability and Application to Interfacial Chemistry"


Takashi Hayashita (Tohoku University)

"Desin of Cyclodextrin Complex Sensors for Ion and Molecule Recognition in Water"

Tomohiro Endo (Hishi University)

"Isolation, Purification and Characterization of Large-ring Cyclodextrins, and Crystal Structures of epsiron- and iota-Cyclodextrin"


Hidetoshi Arima (Kumamoto University)

"Development of New Drug Delivery System Using Cyclodextrins"

Munetake Kunishima (Kobe Gakuin University)

"Substrate-Specific Amidation of Carboxylic Acids Utilizing Cyclodextrin"


Hatsuo Yamamoto (Nagoya Institute of Technology)

"Construction of Cyclodextrin Polysulfonates Library Leading to High-Functionalized Derivatives"


Katsunori Teranishi (Mie University)

"The Simple Regiospecific Functionalization of Cyclodextrin and the Synthesis of Chemiluminescent Cyclodextrin Molecules"

Miyuki Narita (Akita University)

"Molecular Sensing Systems Based on Fluorescent Cyclodextrins"


Tetsumi Irie (Kumamoto University)

"Improvement of Pharmaceutical Properties of Peptide and Protein Drugs by Bioadaptable Cyclodextrins"

Hideyuki Sumiyoshi (Nihon Shokuhin Kako Co., Ltd.)

"Study of the Production and the Application of Cyclodextrins and Their Derivatives"


Hiroshi Ikeda (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

"Artificial Enzymes Using Modified Cyclodextrins and Their Structural Studies"

Katsuhiko Mikuni (Bio Research Corporation of Yokohama)

"Continuous Production of Cyclodextrins and Their Uses"


Keiko Takahashi (Tokyo Institute of Polytechnics)

"Molecular Recognition with Modified Cyclodextrins"

Tsukasa Ikeda (Hiroshima University)

"Studies on Enzyme Models, Molecular Recognitions and DNA Intercalators Using Modified Cyclodextrins"